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Carl Friedrich Gauss
Gauss Göttingen
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Words of wisdom

Daguerreotypie von Gauss auf dem Totenbett
"Nothing has been accomplished if something remains to be done."
(The Works of Gauss vol. 5, quot. from Worbs, 1955,  p. 43)

“I have seen the library and I am confident that it will provide me with a not inconsiderable contribution to my happy existence in Göttingen.“
(Gauss in a letter to Zimmermann in Brunswick, from Küssner, 1979, p. 48)

Gauss, in an address at celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the conferral of his doctorate:
“Trite phrases have never been worth anything in Göttingen,“ ...
(quot. from W. Sartorius v. Waltershausen, 1856  repr. 1965, p. 69)

“Whether I apply mathematics to a few lumps of dirt that we call planets or to pure arithmetical problems, it comes to the same thing, only I find the latter simply more exciting.“
(quot. from W. Sartorius v. Waltershausen, 1856 repr. 1965, p. 101/102)

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