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The "Göttingen observatory"project

The Göttingen Observatory in Geismar Landstraße was Carl Friedrich Gauss’ place of residence and work from 1807 to 1855 and constituted a centre of scientific life in Europe. The building, which stands under a preservation order as a historic monument, is still known throughout the world, a fact reflected by the building’s illustration on the last 10 Deutschmark note ever to appear.

Whilst externally the Observatory retains its historic appearance, it has undergone numerous changes within. Yet the spirit of Gauss is still omnipresent. A visit to the historic rotating dome with its original pieces of equipment is a particularly special experience, these surroundings exerting an almost irresistible fascination.


The Göttingen Observatory will continue to be in use for teaching and research purposes until the summer of 2005. For the future, the unique opportunity exists of opening up parts of the building to a wider public. However, the funds required for the necessary renovation work exceed that which can be found by the University of Göttingen as owner of the building. The repair of the dome alone will cost around 90,000 Euro and the restoration of the Observatorium ca. 20,000 Euro.

For 2005, special events are planned through which the University aims to find public and private donors and sponsors for the preservation of this construction, unique in terms of scientific history.

 We look forward to receiving your enquiries and will be glad to discuss with you possible ways in which you can support the preservation of this important legacy from Carl Friedrich Gauss.

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